Come Back Home (film)

2022 South Korean comedy film

Come Back Home
Come Back Home film poster.jpg
Release poster
Hangul 22컴백홈
Revised RomanizationKeombaeghom
Directed byLee Yeon-woo
Written by
  • Jang Yu-jeong
  • Heo Sung-hye
  • Wise Wolf
  • Joy & Cinema
Distributed byJNC Media Group
Release date
  • October 5, 2022 (2022-10-05)
CountrySouth Korea

Come Back Home (Korean컴백홈; RRKeombaeghom) is an upcoming South Korean comedy film directed by Lee Yeon-woo, starring Ra Mi-ran, Song Sae-byeok and Lee Beom-soo. The film follows an unknown comedian named Ki-se (Song Sae-byeok), who lost everything and returned to his hometown after 15 years, becoming the boss of a large organization.[1] It is scheduled to be released on October 5, 2022.[2]


Special appearance


Principal photography began on April 11, 2021[5] and filming was wrapped up on June 30, 2021.[6]


The film originally scheduled to release on September 21 was pushed back to October 5, 2022.[2]


Kang Nae-ri writing for YTN praised the performances of ensemble and stated, "It seems that such a dense story composition and a story that evokes sympathy has captured the actors as well." Concluding Kang opined, "The movie Come Back Home, full of laughter and emotion, is suitable for autumn."[7]


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