Stalk of the Celery Monster

1979 American film
Stalk of the Celery Monster
Directed byTim Burton
Story byTim Burton
Produced byTim Burton
Brett R. Thompson
StarringTim Burton as Maxwell Payne Ralph Votrian
Release date
August 30, 1979
Running time
1.5 minutes
CountryUnited States

Stalk of the Celery Monster is a 1979 short animated film written, directed and animated entirely in pencil by Tim Burton during his time as a student with the California Institute of the Arts. The film caused such a stir among his class that it attracted the attention of the Walt Disney Animation Studios, who offered young Burton an animator's apprenticeship at their studio.[1][2]

Preservation status

It was shot on 8 mm film and for much time it was considered to be lost, until fragments of it were shown in 2006 on Spanish television. Currently, the excerpts of the film are archived at the Library of Congress.

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