Tactical Assault Group (game)

Play-by-mail strategy game
Tactical Assault Group
PublishersQuest Games, Inc.
Years active1987 to unknown
Genresstrategy, play-by-mail 22
Materials requiredInstructions, order sheets, turn results, paper, pencil, computer
Media typePlay-by-mail or email

Tactical Assault Group is a closed-ended, computer-moderated, role-playing strategy play-by-mail (PBM) game. The game was set in the future. There were 20–60 players per game in a seven-story building, who operated in Tactical Assault Groups.

History and development

Tactical Assault Group was available for play in 1987.[1] It was a closed-ended, computer-moderated, strategy play-by-mail game.[1][2] It allowed 20–60 players to negotiate a seven-story building during gameplay.[2]


Tactical Assault Group was set in the future where players hunted opponents with the goal of being the lone survivor.[1] Players had to also avoid assassins.[3]


David Webber, the editor of Paper Mayhem, reviewed the article in a 1987 issue of the magazine. He stated that it was a simple as well as a "good and challenging game".[3]

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